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Providing Everything You Need, to Build The Company You Worked So Hard to Dream Up 

Color swatch samples.


Brand identity is what your company represents.


It's your company's values, ethics, reputation,

character, aesthetic, demographic, and overall feeling.

You know when you're watching a commercial, and can guess the company before the logo is shown?

This means the company has done a great job branding themselves, because you can recognize them by the look,

the feel, and even the sound.

so how do I create your brand?

I start by understanding who you are, and how you want the world to see you, with a quick chat and questionnaire.

Then I begin the designing process. I start with your logo

and work around that. 

Product Photography


Why do I need professional photography?

It's always best to have professional photographs to represent your company in a clean and professional way.

Whether you sell beauty products, run a B&B, or a small cafe,

your pictures should stand out among your competitors.

Your photographs should sell what you're offering,

before giving the sales pitch.

Have you ever been on a website that had poor quality photos?

It makes you question the quality of what they are selling . . .

Whether you have 1000 products to be photographed

on a white background, or a space you need photographed

with "mood" lighting, I can do that, plus everything in between!

Product Photography
Graphic Designer


What is graphic design?

Graphic design is something every company will need,

and it can be digital or print. Print graphics are any magazine

or other print advertisement, movie posters, restaurant menus,

package design, labels, business cards, billboards, etc.

Digital graphics can be website design, email blast, pop-up ads, etc.

Graphic design is everywhere you look, even places you might

not have thought.

Once your brand is established with a logo, color scheme and fonts, any graphics designed for your company will consist of these items

to keep you "on brand". 

So when you send out your monthly email blast or send out a mailer,

your customers will start to recognize who it's coming from!

Product Photography


Marketing is recognizing your customers needs and determining how best to meet those needs.

Some examples of that are through weekly or monthly email blasts, promotional swag, coupons/deals,

social media posts, printed mailers, frequent buyer punch cards, and even advertising is a form of marketing.

 This is basically everything you do for your company aside from waiting for the customers

to roll through your doors (even if you don't have an actual door).

Marketing requires creative thinking and graphic design,

and most of all strategy.

I can help you with all of the above!

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